29 July 2011

How many circles can you find?

Antique coffee grinder lamp

This isn't exactly about an "I Spy" for circular shapes just about a theme, unintentional at first, that I have incorporated in my family room.
 It seems that there are circles everywhere.

This view says it all to me. You see the 2 year-old who must be considered in every decorating decision in this room. Notice the empty table tops? Notice the kinda ugly coffee table? I'm just not not giving her the option to destroy and saving myself some stress. Also part of my art collection is in view here so I get to have a few things I love too.

In this view you see the drapes hung, finally! Alas, we have not hung the bamboo shades under them yet. I have a problem with the way they hang I need to quit being lazy and iron out the crease from when they were hanging folded. Also, the rod pocket is too big which puzzles me but I won't get into that here.
Back to circles. We have one long sofa and the vintage club chair that I grin and bear for the moment. I wanted more casual seating but not a chair. Moroccan poufs are big right now but I honestly don't like them, I think its the pattern in the leather on top that rubs me the wrong way.
So I ordered a pair of Indian poufs from Overstock. I thought they'd add more texture, repeat the circular motif, and add some unexpected, funkiness. Oh and they were a steal $120 for the pair.

Problem #1: They are significantly larger than the measurements given online so two of them take over the room--not OK.
Problem #2: My entire family hates it/them. I left the other one in its packaging and I'm debating selling it on eBay.
I can't really return them both because one has been used and I sort of like it depending when you ask me. I'm definitely waffling about this one.
The pros are that its a wonderful footstool, toddler friendly, big enough for an adult to sit on comfortably, and absolutely funky.
But is it too college dorm hippie/patchouli/ambivalent on bathing in its feel? Or just unusual texture?

What do you think?

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