06 July 2011

Martyn Lawrence Bullard on OKL

If you watched Million Dollar Decorators last night you would have seen Martyn Lawrence Bullard shopping in London for this One King's Lane sale.
I vaguely wondered when it might be and assumed that things might be grossly overpriced.
Well it was today (last check only four items remaining) and a great many things were priced very attractively, in my opinion.
Usually eBay prices are far lower than OKL's and I intended to do a similar price comparison but since most of the OKL items are sold here are a few similars I found on eBay.

The table on OKL (top) was listed at $999 this one is $499 on eBay HERE

This MLB pick (above) went for $1499.

This similar desk is a Buy it Now sale for $1400 HERE

This inkwell was a rather steep $599 on OKL
a remarkably similar (though not as well photographed) piece is $115 from an eBay seller that is willing to negotiate. HERE

There were several fetching antique prints that would round out the "inherited look" as Martyn refers to it.
The one above was $299 and this is where you can really get original, antique art for less by using eBay.
This one is priced at just under $25 HERE
just needs a frame.

A few tips for buying these (or anything) on eBay are to find a seller with a high rating and make sure you understand the shipping costs. When it comes to prints like these the listing should always say whether it is an original or reproduction. I only buy originals and it is, hands down, the cheapest way to buy original art.

If you bought any of Martyn's things on OKL or grabbed a similar item on eBay tell me about it.

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