24 July 2011

Kravet and a project in my furture

T-J Toile is a sensational looking fabric from Kravet depicting many of Thomas Jefferson's buildings. Being a Virginia native and TJ fan overall, this held real appeal for me so I spent a good deal of time searching for a non-blue colorway to no avail. The blue is lovely and authentic blueprint color but I don't see it fitting in with my decor anywhere.
I searched for other architectural prints only to be disappointed.
I took matters into my own hands.

At first I had an idea to buy an antique (pre-1800) map of Virginia 

to create my own Spoonflower.com fabric because I saw one several years ago that has been on my mind since. Everything was too expensive for me so I bought architectural prints--lots of them!

 So many goodies.

The first Temple of Minerva print I bought singly
and then I found this lot of 64. Jackpot!
The ones that I don't want I will most likely resell in my, now empty, Etsy store.

 Can't wait to create my own architectural toile in a more subdued colorway.

I hope it works.

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  1. WHAT?! I've never heard of this. My mind is racing!