19 July 2011


not my photo

Why do so many people buy HUGE, ugly, overstuffed furniture and cram it into a normal size room?
Yesterday I ventured across the street to fetch a tray left behind after the 4th of July and see my neighbor's new basement renovation. I am on the hunt for a contractor to build my library shelves and wanted to check out the workmanship.
I couldn't exactly say, "let me take some photos and criticize it on blog" so use your imagination.
The space plan was awkward, perhaps because of the plumbing and framing already in place. You walked in as through a backstage door, behind the wetbar to the room beyond and behind the theater seating in the screening room. All were filled with what I call "naked fat people furniture". You know what I mean, the overstuffed leather that reminds me of rolls of fat.
The tiny bedroom had a queen size bed and a dresser so large that it hulked over the bed in a very unwelcoming manner.
not mine either, just illustrating a point

The problem is that these are very nice people that I will be living near for many years to come and the asked me for some decorating advice. It is all brand new, so my get rid of it and start over won't fly.
My strategy is to keep my mouth shut and pray that they don't ask for any more decorating help.


  1. LMAO! I totally agree with you - in the 1980s it was all the rage - today not so much. Great post! I hope your neighbor is not a follower! :-)

  2. I know the lines of that sofa well! In the nineties a friend had one in leather. She was a talented homeowner/decorator and manage to build a very nice room depite the hulking piece. Another friend of ours bought the exact same sofa. The problem was she does not have a knack...whatsoever...for decorating and it looked miserable in her room. It currently sits in her basement. At least the teenagers don't mind:)

    It's always tricky navigating the sea of poor taste with friends and neighbors. Sometimes it is just better to bow out.