22 July 2011

library day

Alessandra Branca
When I was in grade school I couldn't wait for library day. I still love books and together with my husband, have amassed quite a collection.
Today I am meeting with a contractor about my plans for a library in my home--Yay!

I am just dying to get all of those boxes unpacked and out in the light of day.

I am thinking of having the tops arched as in the photo above.

I am going for a dark, moody, masculine space.

I am already thinking about how to style the shelves.
 I will not organize by color of the book spines.

I prefer a more organic arrangement.

The walls will be painted Chinese red so I need to decide on a paint color for the shelves.
I am leaning towards black...
just like this Alessandra Branca library that is my main inspiration.
Which would you choose?

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