20 July 2011

Join me in my addiction, won't you?

Marrakesh table
I feel compelled to look at every side table on the internet these days.
I saw the "Marrakesh" table on Lonnymag.com and it was a different table. It was $250 and I almost bought it.

Moro table

It was similar to this "Moro" table but white and I felt I had to have it.
It is probably best that Lonny made it so popular that it went away but I keep going back to Plantation's side table page.
Linked table

Can you blame me? I just fantasize about where I could put them.
Corinth table
This Corinth table would make a lovely bar.
Lookout table
I thought the Lookout table was wood but it is bronze. I'll keep it in my mental file as a stylish, kid-proof option for someone.
Sigma table
I love this one too.
West elm table
This $129 number from West Elm has my attention as well.
And just to end on a weird note...
Bazaar tables
These fabric wrapped nesting tables at Urban Outfitters seem impractical. How would you wipe up a spill? I guess the college set embraces the patina of filth. Maybe they meant "bizarre" tables.
Urban Outfitters does have some cute furniture that is not so boring although I can't speak to the quality.

I really don't need another side table, although I have a spot for one, I must stop filling every empty spot in my home.

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  1. Wow I love interesting tables!! I don't need another either, sure adore these though!


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