16 September 2011

Another fabric score

The other day I swung by Fabrics Unlimited to browse and see if there were any damasks that I might want to use on these chairs.
I bought a pair of the chairs on eBay and Greyhound smashed one.
The broken chair is now at the repair shop. $$$$$ ouch.
I am not crazy about the dragonfly fabric and I found the ivory damask on sale for $3.30 a yard. They had 8 1/4 yards. Perfect.
I have had some seriously awful luck on eBay and with shipping in general lately and it felt wonderful to get this spot of luck.
The ivory looks wonderful with the ivory stripe on my Sheraton sofa. I have new pillows on the way and my eye out for a different coffee table. Now I need to decide on a wall color and fabric for the drapes.

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