18 September 2011

Antiques in Virginia

Today I drove to Culpeper to see this bombe chest.
Fredericksburg is great for antiques too, but a little pricier.
Driving and picture taking not recommended
Culpeper is a charming small town in central Virginia with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop.

The town full of historic buildings was hit hard by the recent earthquake and aftershocks.
Difficult to see evidence of earthquake damage
There is an antique shop that I frequent mainly because of their fantastic prices and ability to browse before I go by checking the website. GeorgieMae's is a tiny shop but they have a small warehouse a mile away filled with tons of goodies.
These gorgeous demilune tables are $275 each.
I wish I had gotten better pictures of this ormolu corner cabinet with marble top. It is wonderful and I might have to have it at $699.
I bought my dining chairs there at quite a bargain.
As for the bombe chest, it was $385 delivered!! So exciting.


  1. I love bombe chests, I used to write an antique column and won;d come away from auctions at Sothebys wishing I had money to invest in such delights.
    Thought your comments were hilarious!

  2. Kerry,

    I've been having a terrible time commenting on some blogs. When I go to comment, it appears I'm not signed in (which I am) and if I try to go sign in anyway, I get an error code saying my email address does not have access rights.

    Anyway, I found this very interesting. Every area of the country seems to have its own style of antiques. New England is very colonial, when I visit my mom, there are HUGE mahogany pieces from the large homes built in their Victorian heyday and these seem very high style. I love the bombe and especially the ormulu. I'm not sure it fits the style of my house, but I'd sure try to make it work.

    The prices seem great too!


  3. This area seems to be Duncan Phyfe central when it comes to antiques.

    Tons of people are complaining about not being able to comment. I have been unscathed wonder what's going on.