02 September 2011

Pots en Argent

I saw these lovely pots the other day while reading Jennifer Boles' Peak of Chic. Read her post about them HERE.
I have been searching for something I really like to cheer up my half dead gardenia tree.
If you read my post about fake flowers you would know that I purchase poor, unsuspecting plants who, upon realizing my identity, commit suicide.
Gardenia trees are supposed to look like this.
I digress, this is about the silver pot.
Even if I melted down my great-grandmother's silver I could not make a real silver pot big enough. So off to the craft store I went.
I thought that there was a very good chance of failure and considered two small pots as an experiment. I was shocked at the lack of suitable pots and bought a large one.
 First I had to cover the blue glaze.
I used outdoor craft paint in silver.
Two coats. Then opted for a liquid silver leaf.
Here is the liquid leaf on the left side
It was all very easy and the paint actually adhered to the glaze which was my biggest fear. The pot does not have the glossy look of the original so I may go back to the craft store for a high gloss sealer that I saw.
Also mine does not have the aborable feet of the original and I'll need to figure that out.
My pot
Monsieur Givenchy's silver pot

If my gardenia continues her downward spiral I shall buy an orange tree. I have always wanted one. I figured if they can be grown in France, surely Virginia will work.

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