28 September 2011

sneak peek

We are finished painting the dining room --YAY!
It sucked in such horrible ways. If you enlarge the photo above you will see the painter's tape yet to be removed behind my antique chandelier, that I adore.
It beats the hell out of this boring thing
The walls are not what I had hoped. I wished for a lacquered look but got glossy paint with orange peel texture due to a bit of bad information. It all works because my inspiration photo (below) includes oodles of pictures, prints and paintings in frames.

I am totally covering as much as I can with stuff. Good stuff.
Stay tuned.. Dining room out of commission for living room paint job.
This is my liv room moodboard with the "dragonfly" chair's new fabric as a background. The wall color has changed to SW Faint Coral  (from the one pictured inthe moodboard) and the coffee table is still undetermined. Lucite...somewhere.
I have purchased the Bombe chest and wish to put a pair of modern vases or tiny lamps to complement the painting to be announced by an artist you all know!!!
Thinking rust colored silk curtains to shout "Hooray" next to all of that ivory, black, and pinky peach.
Anyone, anyone?


  1. Color looks great and I love, LoVe, LOVE the chandie! I love a nice dark moody dining room.

  2. I love the colour too, it's like glossy well tempered chocolate.
    And I dream of Lucite, I really do.

  3. Thanks UC--dark and moody, that's me.
    B&P-- Too funny! My 2 yr old kept saying, "Daddy painting chocolate" I want the movie after my life to be titled "I dream of Lucite" so nice of you to give me the idea.