19 August 2011

Are yours real?

This morning I was browsing Joss and Main sales and the Forever Green sale got me thinking about flowers.
Forever Green sells preserved flowers which are not really the same as dried flowers...
you know, the overly faded, definitely dead looking variety that grace many a home in the '80s.
Purists preach that only fresh flowers and plants will do but if you have pitch black thumb like me what are acceptable options?
Silk is an option I think for silk to not look garish (see below) you must spend generously.
I don't know what the people who make these arrangements are thinking. Often they are in colors that are not available in the type of flower selected or simple not on nature.
My husband tells people that as soon as a plant realizes that it has been purchased by me it commits suicide. I am really craving more greens and possibly a an orchid in my home. I had an orchid that found out I owned it.
I am leaning towards the purchase of high quality silk because its just easier to find out in the real brick-and-mortar world.
Any thoughts? 
Are you appalled that I would even consider anything other than live plants and flowers?


  1. I meant to say I love the lucite table idea but I don't think I followed through on that thought.

    I'll agree that there a some high end silk flowers that look okay BUT the problem is they fade and get dusty and after you (and guests) see the same flowers in the same vase in the same arrangement for years, their vocabulary becomes the same as the cheap, ugly ones. I don't think dried would be so bad if they were used for just a few weeks or one season even and then thrown out. I think my mother had dried flowers that just eventually turned to dust. Proceed with caution.

  2. I'll put you down for "diplomatically appalled" ! hahaha I actually wouldn't keep them for years, more likely months but its better than days.