17 August 2011

Lucite tables in a classic setting?

my formal living room
Surely, you can't be tired of my home. There is still so much work ahead, much of it fun.
As you can see,I have a pair of matching Duncan Phyfe style end tables and it's dowdy cousin, that coffee table. The coffee table will have to find another home because I hate it.
The Sheraton style sofa stays too. At some point, hopefully soon, the mini blinds will leave and a fabulous chinoiserie fabric will grace the windows.
That being said, I don't want to keep things in only one style.
Its just not me. 
Ethel Kennedy's home
As far as non-designers go, Ethel Kennedy is one of my heroes for using the standard preppy,chic with an edgy (for the time) salmon pink and fabulous lucite table.
Notice the charcoal of Bobby (?) above the sofa. The lines, fabric, and artwork are rather expected yet the wall color was a slight departure from the 70s and 80s stylish pink. The clear table gives it a modern edge and a visual lightening with all of that pattern.
My own living room is kid-free and begs for a less traditional piece as it grows into a space I like.

I'd like this.
Can you see it here?
Look at these rooms with classic features and lucite tables.

I think Lucite pairs well with classic pieces, don't you?

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  1. I love Lucite and have been considering a piece for awhile now.

    Your choice would be perfect!!

    Art by Karena