22 August 2011

Surprise, surprise

As  I was heading out the door today, I noticed a package on my doorstep. And while not entirely a surprise it was a welcome treat in the middle of a harried day.
When I saw the pig, I knew it was From Meg, of Pigtown Design and enclosed would be the book that I won in her last giveaway.
Meg made a wonderful giveaway of Mark Hampton's On Decorating .
Its been on my must have list for a while.
I had just a few minutes to spare but could not resist opening it right then and, lo, another little bundle inside too.
It was a real surprise.
Meg is fabulous!
This charming set of French ivory handled fish knives was a magnificent and unexpected petit cadeau.
My husband, the fishmonger, will surely bring home some lovely fish and he and I will use the knives.
And, yes, he is really a fishmonger.
Meg sells similar knives and and other design goodies from her adventures as the Junk Whisperer in her Etsy store.
Thank you very much, Meg.


  1. Lovely, my great grandfather was a fishmonger - he sold them from a cart around town here.