22 August 2011

The design escape

bedroom design for a client of mine  
If you you are not a design pro or used to be one, like me, it is hard to explain to non-design junkies why you read 20 + design blogs every morning or obsess over fabric.

Following design trends seems frivilous as tragedies fill the news.
Gazing at accessories is misunderstood as indifference.
The truth is that the distraction of design and beauty is a welcome respite from the uncertainty of life.
A stress reliever, a drug.
So if you don't want to talk about chinoiserie details or...
debate Miles Redd's greatest feat, that OK but leave to our harmless diversion.
In other words, lookin' at pretty stuff makes us happy--so bug off!


  1. I wouldn't want it in my house but I've always loved the blue entry hall with black and white tile floor. The floor is like a strip quilt done on a grid. The last room is really my cup of tea. That's pretty stuff that makes me happy.

  2. well said, kerry! seeing such orderly landscapes is a nice respite from everyday chaos... my kind of art therapy!