26 August 2011

Goodbye Summer

I always feel a little wistful at this time of year. Once school has begun and I realize that the easy, lolly-gagging days of Summer are no more, at least schedule wise.
While the weather where I live should be nice for a few months (hurricane Irene notwithstanding) its just not the same.
Alfresco dining is more likely now that the searing heat of Summer is gone but the seasonal foods aren't as good as in mid-summer.
You can grill a hamburger any old time but fresh, locally grown corn is really best early to mid Summer.
Refreshing drinks lose their appeal to me in the gray days of winter.

Beach towels and pool passes are put away for the year, but in a climate that stays warm until late October it feels more sad to me.
Sure, I get prolonged warmth and I am thankful for it, yet once the calendar says its time to move on, I want to cling to all of the special moments, sights and fragrances of Summer.
Its the oppositional, only-child in in me, wanting what I cannot have--everything.
I must say, despite digging my heels in to the waning season, the recent and very scary earthquake, and looming hurricane I feel very lucky indeed.
But I'm looking forward to Memorial Day 2012!

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