05 August 2011

Local art

Happy Day by Kerry Steele

I can't get enough art these days. I've been a regular on eBay and Etsy to round out my collection and even browsed locally.
Ana Rendich
Fredericksburg, Virginia has several galleries worth seeing including Art First.
Currently, they are featuring an All Member's Exhibition that opens tonight.
Ruth Ann Loving
The galleries in historic old town Fredericksburg all work together to promote local artists. That alone is worth supporting. I have yet to attend an opening but its on my busy list.
Shirley Whelan

I saved this painting by Shirley Whelan for last to give you a little food for thought. The style reminds me of the iconic American painter Edward Hopper. Not so much in the subject matter, but rather the technique and general feel. 
My question is: Does that make it better art? What do you think?
Edward Hopper, House by the Railroad, 1925

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