08 August 2011

cool lighting

I'm becoming a bigger fan of Etsy everyday. I have been browsing through lighting and finding all sorts of great stuff like this Hydrangea pendant. HERE
My parent's had one of these lamps that was a combo floor lamp/end table in the early '70s. Find a little nostalgia HERE
I find this fixture particularly interesting but not sure if I could commit long term. Look at it HERE
This is my favorite (for now, it's easy to be fickle with so many options) it is made with an Ikea pendant and little kid's "fortune tellers" . You know the folded paper that tells little girls who they will marry.


  1. Kerry I love the Hydrangea Lighting!! All are very cool though!!


    Art by Karena

  2. I love the third one, too! (I may be a bit biased since I made it. Haha.) Thanks for featuring our fixture on your blog. This is a nice site you have!