10 August 2011

photos and art for the boudoir

My room
I really feel that what you hang on the walls in your bedroom is extraordinarily personal. All art choices are personal but your private retreat is just that, private.
My bedroom vanity  

My personal preference around my home is to keep most family photos in less public rooms. Upstairs hallways and bedrooms are my main spots for baby and wedding photos.

My favorite baby pictures adorn the walls as do a few choice wedding portraits and the odd sassy photo of a kid. I now have two pieces that have waited years to find their place in my house.

"Baby Art"
 The photo above is a "scribble" made by my, now 16 year-old, son when he was 18 months old. I instantly recognized the pictorial quality and snatched it from him with the best of intentions for framing it. It works perfectly near the baby pictures.
Also, apropos is the antique Chinese baby's tiger headdress, framed in the shadowbox in the photo above. It is  meant to repel disease, evil spirits, and general mayhem from the tiny and vulnerable members of one's family. I really like it. It faces the door so those bugaboos stay away.

What sort of art adorns your bedroom?

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